Who are you?

Do you, one of your patients, or your beloved ones suffer from severe anxiety?

Have you until now been unable to overcome your fear and panic?

This might have the origin in the limbic system and the hippocampus. If a human being faces toxic behaviour by adults in the early childhood, his brain writes from the very beginning of life strong associations and reaction patterns. They are unconscious and therefore invisible – and they often cannot be remembered.

As a result, you never can interrupt by intentional rational or therapeutic thoughts. All attempts of psychotherapy lead to the same conclusion:

“This person’s disorder seems to be so strong that no therapy helps.”

The good message in all of this:

You may reach that person’s brain areas in the same way they were formerly active in establishing, destroying structures. In the child mode.
You cannot argue against deeply in the brain written connections. But you do can stimulate the same areas of brain with new information about the old so-called truth (which is in fact a construction) of the patient’s world.

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