About me

My name is Johannes Faupel.
I live in Frankfurt am Main and work in two professions:
1) Systemic therapist and consultant in joint practice with the international specialist medical center in Frankfurt City.
2) Journalist with a focus on psychology, health and medicine.

I run my own publishing house “EXPONERE” for self-help literature in Frankfurt.
As a systemic therapist I am certified by the Systemic Society in Berlin.

Why am I qualified to write about dealing with anxiety?

For one thing, there’s my several years of training in systemic therapy and hypnotherapy. I am certified by the German Systemic Society.

For another, I have been involuntarily doing brain research with myself for over 20 years. An intracranial tumor (benign) teaches me how to deal with sleepless nights and a dominant symptomatology.

I have published a book on the subject of burnout with Springer Nature.

Johannes Faupel
Johannes Faupel