Respect For The Fighters Trying to Accomplish a Good Life

Mankind is seeking for reasons of phenomena like fear.

Digging deep for reasons causes a lot of work – and often does not deliver any clarity at all.

Digging deep
Digging deep with seeking for reasons of fear

Great respect for all people – and of course for all fighters with massive anxiety and the problems that come with it!

They seek psychotherapy and hope for healing and help in anxiety issues.

Psychotherapy is often associated with the expectation of eliminating anxiety. This causes stress both for therapists and patients.

They try to cope with their anxiety on their own.

It is best to understand it this way:

When a mother soothes her crying baby, it is not therapy. It is deeply natural human attention.

The inner side of us that is in the greatest fear and distress needs something similar to what an infant needs.

  • A soothing voice
  • Orientation that no acute danger to life is imminent
  • Reassurance that the strong person (the mother or father) will make sure that everything is really all right.
Lovely Cradle
Imagine your amygdala safely tucked in a cradle …

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