If Your Head Is Hit By a Frying Pan – What Is Important?

Imagine a frying pan hits your head.

Without warning.

This hurts and shocks.

What is important now?

Is it interesting at that moment what the frying pan is made of?

Does it matter if the frying pan is red, yellow or black?

Does it make a difference if the frying pan falls on your head from a cabinet or because of a weak wall hook?

Of course not.

So what does matter?

Frying Pan
Frying Pan

If you get hit by a frying pan, you’re going to cool your head, so you don’t get a bump.

That’s how you should act even if you have a massive fear.

It doesn’t matter “where exactly the fear comes from.”

Look around at what’s near you:

  • A tiger?
  • An earthquake?
  • A tornado?
  • A lion?
  • A bare, uninsulated, 380000 volt cable?

If not, there seems to be no acute danger to life.

So, you should always cool your head.

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